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  • Energy Balancing Mini-Treatments

    WHAT IT IS: Energy Balancing is a very gentle way to assist clients in balancing their subtle energy flows. To most Western minds, the concept of "energy" is challenging to understand unless a kinesthetic awareness is experienced; at that point they understand the importance of having and maintaining a balanced energy flow for everyday health and vitality.

    PURPOSE: The purpose of Energy Balancing is to enhance the overall health and vitality of the client, improving their sense of well-being and inner peace. 

    BENEFITS: Energy Balancing enhances general relaxation and stress reduction, enhances immunity, and promotes inner calm and awareness. 

    APPROACH: This is a mini-treatment added onto the end of a Basic Therapy or a Manual Therapy Treatment, so the client is already on the table and remains there; there is no interruption between treatments and no need to get up.

    PRESSURE AND PACE: Energy Balancing is very subtle, usually using no touch or very light touch. The exception is the Spinal Flush which uses firm pressure on the neurolymphatic points along the spine.

    OIL: No additional oil is used in these treatments. 

    DURATION: This is a 15-minute Mini-Treatment to be added onto a Basic Therapy or a Manual Therapy Treatment.

    FREQUENCY: Some clients love to have an energy balancing mini-treatment everytime they come in. Others know when their energy is needing to be balanced. 


  • Therapeutic Touch

    Therapeutic Touch uses a light touch or hands are above the body. Energy imbalances are dispersed and healing forces are directed to the client. 

  • Spinal Flush

    This treatment is primarily hands-on and focused on the back, but the whole body's energy system is balanced by it.

  • Brazilian Toe Hold

    Holding each set of toes for several minutes in a successive order can have a profound effect on the entire energy system!

  • ENERGY BALANCING MINI-TREATMENTS (add to any 60-minute Treatment) 15 Minutes
    Therapeutic Touch $15
    Spinal Flush $15
    Brazilian Toe Hold $15