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  • Basic Massage Therapy

    WHAT IT IS: Basic Massage Therapy is one of the most well-known types and most commonly taught forms of massage, designed to energize yet relax the body by moving ("mobilizing") the soft tissues (muscles and fascia) using smooth and soothing superficial strokes (effleurage) and kneading movements (pettrissage) as the basic ingredients. The movement of the strokes is generally towards the heart. This is what most people know as a "feel good massage" or a "full body massage."

    PURPOSE: The purpose of Basic Massage Therapy is to enhance the overall health and well-being of the recipient.

    BENEFITS: The many benefits of Basic Massage Therapy may include generalized relaxation, stress reduction, enhanced immunity, and improved circulation, which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury. These benefits may appear to be just on the surface, as seen by how the client feels after receiving a treatment, but Basic Massage Therapy is also very effective at the cellular level by assisting the detoxification process, moving lymph fluid, and encouraging "feel-good" hormones to override pain and stress hormones. Accumulative effects can be seen with regular treatments. 

    APPROACH: The client disrobes to a level comfortable to him/her and lays on the massage table between a set of sheets. Most people leave underwear on but some undress completely; either is fine. However, the less clothing there is to work around, the more fluid the massage. Only the area being massaged is uncovered and never is the client's breasts or genitalia exposed. Monica usually works in this order: Face down: back and shoulders, glutes and legs, and feet; then turn face up: legs and feet, arms and upper chest, neck, head and face. 

    PRESSURE AND PACE: Monica's pressure when doing Basic Massage is firm but gentle--seemingly, an oxymoron--but this is how most clients would also describe her unique approach. Monica's pace is also slower and more deliberate than most other therapists' basic massages. This, along with just enough lubricant for stokes to glide smoothly, allows Monica to go deeper into the tissues without pain. This is a "feel good" massage and should not be painful. Monica will always respect the client's desire to lighten the pressure.

    OIL: Only a small amount of lubricant is used; just enough to glide. Monica uses organic Jojoba exclusively, and on occasion a client will bring their own oil and essential oils to use. With Monica, the client will never feel like an oil spill when leaving the office; Jojoba absorbs quickly and is one of the preferred ingredients in natural skin care products.

    DURATION: Monica offers basic massage for either 30, 60, or 80 minutes. The 60-minute treatment is the most common for a full-body massage; 30 minutes will address only a part of the body and an 80 minutes can spend extra time in an area. For areas needing attention to address injury or restriction, I recommend a COMBO treatment, which combines more advanced techniques with the basic massage therapy. You can also consider a 15-minute "Add-On" treatment to complement any one hour Basic Massage Treatment.

    FREQUENCY: Most clients find Basic Massage Therapy such an invaluable part of their health regimen that they reschedule at least once a month, sometimes every other week. Some people combine it with their chiropractic adjustments, coming for massage and then seeing their chiropractor that day or within 1-2 days. For stubborn and specific musculoskeletal issues for which a chiropractor is being seen, I recommend a 30 or 60 minute Manual Therapy Treatment to complement the chiropractic work.

  • BASIC THERAPIES 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
    Massage Therapy $35 $70 $90
    Basic Lymph Drainage $35 $70 $90
  • COMBO TREATMENT 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
    Combined Basic and Manual Therapy Treatment $40 $75-$80 $95-$100
  • ENERGY BALANCING MINI-TREATMENTS (add to any 60-minute Treatment) 15 Minutes
    Therapeutic Touch $15
    Spinal Flush $15
    Brazilian Toe Hold $15
    Acupressure 3-Point Hold $15
  • Client Appreciation!

    For every 10 full-price treatments of any kind received by an individual within 12 months, the 11th will be free!