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  • Basic Lymph Drainage

    WHAT IT IS: Basic Lymph Drainage is an Advanced Manual Therapy which assists the body's natural lymph vessels to drain, thus promoting increased immunity and cellular detoxification, reducing swelling, and elevating the overall health and well-being of the recipient.

    BENEFITS: In addition to the benefits listed above, Basic Lymph Drainage promotes general relaxation and stress reduction, enhanced immunity, improved circulation, and a decompression of the nervous system. As with any touch therapy, the "feel-good" hormones which are present as a result of touch help override pain and balances stress hormones. 

    APPROACH: The client disrobes to a level comfortable to him/her and lays on the massage table between a set of sheets. Most people leave underwear on but some undress completely; either is fine. Depending on the area to be worked, sometimes only partial disrobing is necessary. Only the area being treated is uncovered and never is the client's breasts or genitalia exposed. (Some therapists are trained to perform lymph drainage on the breast tissue, but this is something Monica is not trained to do.) The Basic Lymph Drainage Monica offers is done primarily face up, but can easily be integrated into a full-body treatment, combining Basic Massage Therapy and Basic Lymph Drainage into a very cohesive and complementary treatment. Eventually the final drainage area of the lymph is the area just below the clavicle ("collar bone") and thus every lymph treatment starts by "clearing" that area and every area along the channel leading to that final drainage area. In addition to very light pressure on the skin, there is also a pumping motion that occurs in areas of greater lymph node concentration, such as the armpits, abdomen, and inguinal areas. PLEASE NOTE that increased urination 1-2 days following the Basic Lymph Drainage treatment is not uncommon as the filtering of the lymph system continues after the actual treatment. Also, this is a basic lymph treatment; people with lymphedema above a Level 1 need to work with a practitioner with more advanced training. 

    PRESSURE AND PACE: Basic Lymph Drainage is very light pressure on the skin, with just enough "drag" to effect movement of the skin. The "pumping" of the lymph nodes is firmer, but still very comfortable for the client. The pace is very rhythmic, with each drag or hold lasting only 1-3 seconds, but repeated successively. Many people aren't initially sure how relaxing they would find this effective treatment, but everyone leaves feeling extremely relaxed. 

    OIL: Monica usually uses a small amount of Jojoba with Basic Lymph Drainage, and usually incorporates Basic Massage Therapy into the treatment. Monica uses organic jojoba exclusively, and on occasion a client will bring their own oil and essential oils to use on them. A client will never feel like an oil spill when leaving Monica's office; Jojoba absorbs quickly and is one of the preferred ingredients in natural skin care products.

    DURATION: Monica offers Basic Lymph Drainage in 30, 60, or 80 minute treatments. The 60-minute treatment is the most common; 30 minutes will address only a part of the body and 80 minutes can spend extra time in an area. A 60-minute or 80-minute treatment can also easily combine the Basic Massage Therapy. You can also consider a 15-minute "Add-On" treatment to complement any 60-minute Basic Lymph Drainage treatment.

    FREQUENCY: Most clients find even a single Basic Lymph Drainage treatment extremely effective. However, many clients also find the Basic Lymph Drainage or a combination Lymph Drainage-Massage Therapy such an invaluable part of their health regimen that they reschedule at regular intervals, sometimes as often as once a month or even more frequently. 

  • BASIC THERAPIES 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
    Basic Massage Therapy $40 $75 $90
    Basic Lymph Drainage $40 $75 $90
  • COMBO TREATMENT 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
    Combined Basic and Manual Therapy Treatment $40 $75 $90
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