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  • Myofascial Release

    WHAT IT IS: Myofascial Release is an advanced technique which applies sustained pressure on and moves with the fascial structures. Addressing fascial restrictions is essential in releasing muscular restriction, because it is the fascia which is holding the muscle fibers in their shortened positions and dysfunctional patterns. Upon locating an area of fascial tension, gentle pressure is applied in the direction of the restriction. Restricted fascia contributes to pain patterns and dysfunction at many levels throughout the body. (The video at the bottom of this page by "The Fuzz Guy" will give you an entertaining education about of the role of fascia and how its restrictions can cause problems.)

    PURPOSE: The purpose of Myofascial Release is to lessen restrictions in the fascia so that muscles and joints can more more freely. Many people experience it as "freeing up space" in the body which allows for more room inside to move and be.

    BENEFITS: Myofascial release is an effective therapeutic approach in the relief of pain throughout the body, and seemingly stubborn pain and conditions which don't appear to respond well to other modalities.

    APPROACH: The client can arrive wearing loose, comfortable clothing, as the area being worked will need to be accessed and often the fascia release involves areas other than the place of pain. For this reason, the client can also disrobe to a level comfortable to his/her and lays on the massage table between the sheets. It is recommended that the client leave underwear and bra on, as often "unwinding" occurs which may involve movements in which the chest or genital area could become exposed.  

    PRESSURE AND PACE: Myofascial Release involves a firm but gentle pressure, often sustained for minutes at a time. At times it can become uncomfortable and can even have a momentary sensation of a rug burn, fingernails, or a feeling unique to the client, but at no time should the pressure or experience be painful. Uncomfortable is okay, but if it crosses the threshold into pain, please let Monica know! During and after the treatment, clients often remark that they feel more "space" inside the tissue. Usually, freedom of movement is immediately noticeable. 

    OIL: Typically, no lubricant is used for myofascial release. However, Monica does use a small amount of Cryoderm's Myofascial Cream, which can be very helpful in doing myofascial release. 

    DURATION: Monica's Advanced Therapy Treatments combine many different modalities so as to deliver the best outcome possible. That is to say that a client can request one particular manual therapy modality to be used, which Monica can do, but Monica finds a combination is, in general, more effective. Manual Therapy treatments are 30, 60, or 80 minutes long. The 60 minute is the most common for a more complete treatment; 30 minutes can be enough to address a specific area, and 80 minutes is the most thorough. 

    FREQUENCY: The Myofascia, as well as trigger points, can be very stubborn and frequent treatments within a short time can have the most effect on the tissues being "re-educated." Monica recommends 3 treatments within 3 weeks or less. Usually within that time the client either notices a shift, or not. At that point they can make a more educated decision with how to proceed given how their bodies have responded. Some people combine Manual Therapy treatments with other types of treatments, such as physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments; clients usually experience this combination very helpful. 

  • MANUAL THERAPY (Advanced Treatment) 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
    Myofascial Release $40 $80 $100
    Trigger Point Therapy $40 $80 $100
    Ortho/Sports Massage $40 $80 $100
  • COMBO TREATMENT 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
    Combined Basic and Manual Therapy Treatment $40 $75-$80 $95-$100
  • Client Appreciation!

    For every 10 full-price treatments of any kind received by an individual within 12 months, the 11th will be free! 

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    Purchase 3 60-Minute Advanced Therapy Treatments to be used within 4 weeks for $225. Save $15!

    (Packages are non-transferable and do not apply to Client Appreciation.)