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  • Basic Therapies

    Basic Touch Therapies encompass many different types, the most well-known being "Swedish Massage" or "Basic Massage Therapy." Any entry-level massage treatment could be categorized as a Basic Therapy, and the two that MASSAGE CdA offers are Basic Massage Therapy and Basic Lymph Drainage.

    The general public typically refers to Basic Massage Therapy as "a feel-good massage" or "a full-body massage." This image, unfortunately, seems to forcefully strip the powerful benefits from the description. Basic Massage Therapy, as old and classic as it is, is a very effective touch therapy which contributes to overall wellness, relaxation, and stress reduction at the cellular level. There is nothing puny or un-therapeutic about it! On the contrary, this is a fabulous therapy, the effects of which are profound. 

    Basic Lymph Drainage has been gaining more publicity in recent years, and rightly so. The Lymph System is a very important part in promoting immune function and overall health. Considering that the Lymph System has only been officially recognized as one of the human body systems since 1968, it is clear that we are still learning much about these human vessels we call "bodies." What is offered at MASSAGE CdA is entry-level Lymph Drainage, not to be confused with Advanced Lymph Drainage, which requires extensive training and certification, and works with clinical pathologies of the lymph system, including lymphedema.

    Each of these therapies in and of their own, deliver powerful treatments, but when combined--as they easily are--the results appear to be magnified... at least, that's what it looks like on client faces! 

    Nearly everyone can enjoy either or both of these basic therapies... everyone from pregnant moms-to-be to the elderly population. 

    Please visit the Basic Massage Therapy page and the Basic Lymph Drainage page for more information.