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  • Advanced Therapies

    Advanced Therapy, also referred to in the professional world as Manual Therapy, is used to address specific issues, such as pain, injuries, and medical conditions. The average person familiar with massage often calls this "deep tissue therapy" or "therapeutic massage," but in reality Manual Therapy is so much more than deeper pressure as is most "deep tissue therapy." 

    Manual Therapy is a very focused, results-oriented, clinical approach to treating the soft tissues of the body. It requires advanced training, extensive anatomical knowledge, and refined palpation skills to evoke desired changes in the muscular and fascial structures. Skill levels of practitioners vary, often resulting in unnecessarily painful treatments even amongst well-established practitioners. In truth, the clinical nature of Manual Therapy, balanced with compassionate, intuitive touch and experienced, proficient hands, can indeed be a very effective stand-alone treatment, or an excellent adjunct to other therapies--such as physical therapy, chiropractic, or dry needling.

    Since 1994, Monica has gained over 750 hours of continuing education training of a variety of Advanced Massage Therapies, or Manual Therapies. Although each class focuses on a different topic, all of the modalities are at some level interconnected. The end result is a melange of skills that contribute to effective and innovative treatments. In any given moment of any given treatment, Monica uses whatever technique or modality that she feels will be most effective to address the state of the tissues in her hands. Of the many courses she has taken, however, the techniques she uses most fall into three different modalities: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Orthopedic/Sports Massage. With these she addresses issues that are beyond the entry level of Basic Massage Therapy, such as referred pain, injuries, and myofascial pain syndromes. Many of her Advanced Therapy clients are referred by doctors or other health practitioners, and she works in conjunction with them to provide the most effective treatments she can. 

    Many clients have tried a number of other therapies and have gained little progress, and then experienced noticeable results after coming to Monica. Others experience only mildly noticeable results. There are so many variables--life stresses, mental and emotional states, dietary factors--which also affect outcome.

    Although it may take several treatments to support a client through a particular issue, Monica has found that if noticeable results have not occurred in 3-6 treatments (at least one treatment per week for 3-6 weeks), it is probably in the client's best interest to consult with a more specialized professional. For this reason, she offers a "Package Deal" for 3 Advanced Massage (Manual Therapy) treatments received within 4 weeks. Because her skill set does not yet include functional assessment, it is helpful (but not necessary) to have a diagnosis from a qualified professional in hand to make the treatments most effective. 

    Although Monica's knowledge is exceptional, it is a small drop in the vast potential of what there is to learn. Nonetheless, what she offers is unique and significant. Her hope in continually expanding her knowledge with the advanced trainings she takes (which far exceed state and national requirements), is to provide clients with some of the most useful and effective hands-on therapy available in the Coeur d'Alene area.