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  • If you are new to hands-on therapy, or looking for a practitioner to work with, it is important you feel comfortable not only with the therapist but also with the experience you receive. This page will provide you with a brief overview about what you can expect from your appointment. 

  • About Your Treatment

    When it comes to creating an exceptional experience for clients, Monica's attention is on the detail as well as the overall experience of the treatment. 

    When you arrive for your treatment, you will be greeted with a big, warm smile! 

    If you are a new client, there will be a health intake to fill out, and a cancellation policy to sign.

    Every client will have the opportunity to sit and chat for a couple minutes (longer on your first visit) about your situation and what you are looking for from the treatment. From this conversation, Monica will tailor your treatment to meet your own particular needs.

    You will always be left to undress and redress in private. Care is taken during every treatment for proper draping at all times; never will your breasts or genitalia be intentionally exposed.

    Sheets are 100% cotton (face rest covers are 50/50) and are always freshly laundered with hypoallergenic, eco-friendly detergent which has the subtlest hint of magnolia and lily.

    Lubricants are simple: Organic Jojoba is the primary choice, with Cryoderm's Myofascial Cream and Myofascial Warming Ointment also being used, especially with Advanced Therapy Treatments. Monica uses just enough lubricant to glide, but not slide. You will never leave feeling like an oil spill! Feel free to bring your own oil or essential oil for Monica to integrate into your treatment, if you'd like. 

    Monica has great respect for the inner experience that accompanies each and every treatment. The simplicity of touch brings with it an intense flood of chemical input within the body which, for most people, requires integration by means of uninterrupted quiet. To support this process, conversation during a treatment with Monica will be minimal, unless the client chooses otherwise. 

    Monica's treatments NEVER encourage pain. Sometimes there are brief moments when things are uncomfortable, but if those moments cross the threshold into pain, please let her know. In other words, if you say to back off, Monica will back off.

    Your treatment is for YOU, and Monica is there to facilitate the healing process. She does not want you to feel rushed but at the same time she has a schedule to manage. For this reason, in addition to the actual hands-on treatment time, every new client is scheduled with 30 minutes of "cushion time" for conversation, undressing and redressing, and payment. Returning clients will have 15 minutes in addition to their hands-on time. If a client is particularly chatty and uses up their "cushion time," or is late for their appointment, their hands-on treatment time may be shortened in length, and they will still be charged for the entire time they reserved. If your time is shortened due to a miscalculation on Monica's part (which does happen, but rarely), she will compensate you appropriately with a lesser charge.

    Monica's commitment is to bring you the best she has to offer with every treatment you receive. 


  • About Monica's Therapy

    Monica Perrier has been a professional massage therapist since 1994. Her endless passion, quality touch, proficient skills, and advanced, innovative education is palpable in her touch and has been of tremendous value for her clients in fostering stress-free, pain-free, energized bodies.

    Monica is skilled, competent, experienced, and professional. Her touch has a distinctly different feel; it is a touch which demonstrates fluency in the "conversation" between her hands and your tissues. She is attentive and focused on the needs of her clients, and when you receive her work, you will know through her touch that you are her #1 priority! Monica is committed to each of her clients having an exceptional experience.

    If you have ailments which have seen little improvement with other treatments, Monica may have some unique perspectives that could be of benefit. Whatever the obstacle--overstress, repetitive motion, injuries sustained recently or decades ago, or any other health issue affecting the quality of your life--treatment with Monica can help provide relief, insight, and empowerment towards transforming your situation.

    Questions, concerns or feedback are welcomed before, during, or after your massage.