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  • Advanced Specialty Techniques

    ADVANCED SPECIALTY TECHNIQUES are not actual treatment modalities, but rather special techniques used to address specific issues contributing to pain and dysfunction. They are unique techniques in that not many therapists have had the training to use them, or they are not comfortable doing so. All of these techniques were learned in advanced manual therapy courses, mostly Trigger Point courses.

    These specialties are integrated into a regular Manual Therapy Treatment, but often a client will ask for focused work in one of these areas--usually the Intra-Oral/TMJ Therapy.

    Amongst the Specialty Techniques offered are:

    INTRA-ORAL/TMJ THERAPY: Using latex-free gloves, muscular tension inside the mouth is addressed. These tight muscles can contribute to clenching the jaw, grinding the teeth, and jaw, head, and neck pain. Monica's state licenses in ID and WA have endorsements to perform Intra-Oral Therapy.

    ANTERIOR NECK: Particularly helpful for people who have suffered whiplash or neck injuries, this technique releases muscular tension from the front aspect of the vertebrae. The trachea is gently shifted to gain access to these muscles. (It may sound creepy, but almost everyone tolerates it well, and greatly appreciates the results!) Unless this area is addressed, neck pain may remain very persistent.

    PSOAS RELEASE: The iliopsoas muscle attaches from the lumbar vertebrae to the femur and is a powerful core muscle and hip flexor. Its tightness can contribute to low back pain as well as groin and upper leg pain. This muscle is accessed through the abdomen.

    SUBSCAPULARIS RELEASE: The Subscapularis Muscle is one of the four rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. It is accessed through the back side of the armpit. 

    PEC MINOR RELEASE: Pec Minor tightness can have a huge effect on neck issues, shoulder issues, arm and pain numbness, and breathing issues. It is accessed through the front of the armpit. 

    INTRA-CAPSULAR FASCIA RELEASE is the signature technique of Ortho Massage teacher James Waslaski, with whom Monica has had the fortune to study. It is a very gentle approach to creating greater range of motion by releasing what he believes to be fascial restrictions within the joint capsule. Many hips and shoulders have gained substantial movement after just a couple minutes of this treatment.