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  • WELCOME TO MASSAGE CdA, the Massage Therapy practice of Monica Perrier, LMP!  MASSAGE CdA offers you some of the most innovative hands-on therapy available in the Coeur d'Alene area, utilizing world-class, professional basic and advanced massage therapy treatments for stress reduction, pain relief, injury treatment, and overall wellness.

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Basic Massage Therapy is a classic and effective touch therapy which contributes to stress reduction, relaxation, and overall wellness at the cellular level. 

  • Basic Lymph Drainage uses light touch to effectively assist the lymphatic system by aiding in detoxification, boosting the immune system, and contributing to overall health.

  • Myofascial Release is an Advanced Modality which uses firm but gentle sustained pressure to address restriction in the fascial structure, aiding in less pain, greater mobility, and functional movement.

  • Trigger Point Therapy is an Advanced Modality which addresses referred pain in the musculoskeletal system using firm pressure on specific points, aiding in less pain and greater mobility.

  • Ortho/Sports Massage is an Advanced Modality which focuses on common musculoskeletal pain and disabilities experienced by athletes and non-athletes alike.

  • Specialty Techniques

    Advanced Special Techniques, such as Intra-Oral TMJ, Anterior Neck, and Psoas Release, address pain in specific areas resulting from injury, postural distortion, or myofascial pain syndromes. 

  • Energy Work assists in balancing the subtle fields which powerfully influence all aspects of life, including our physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality and wellness.

  • MASSAGE CdA is an in-network provider with Premera Blue Cross, and Regence of Idaho, and also accepts many Automobile Accident claims. ALL INSURANCE CLAIMS REQUIRE A DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION.

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    Monday 9am - 4pm
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